1. I’ve had lessons with Richie for about 3 years and he has transformed my playing (in a good way!). He tailors each lesson to the individual and blends rudiments and technical exercises into grooves to keep things interesting and relevant to your playing. He creates a very laid-back environment in lessons so you don’t feel embarrassed or under pressure. His teaching approach is based on established pedagogic good practice: he scaffolds new things onto existing knowledge and breaks difficult exercises into manageable chunks so that everything feels achievable. He also understands the importance of grounding what he teaches in a framework that keeps his students interested. For example, knowing that I like progressive rock, he’ll find rudiments or co-ordination exercises that will improve my playing, but contextualise them within a prog rock groove; in doing so, I get inspired by the groove but he’s getting me to practice (otherwise boring) rudiments in the process. Richie is a very skilful and empathetic teacher, and I have benefitted enormously from my lessons with him. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

  2. Having had lessons with Richie for four months, I’m happy to recommend him to others. I’ve come a long way in this time, and continue to progress well with his teaching. I’ll definitely continue working with him, and tell anyone else interested in drumming to do the same.

  3. I’ve been having lessons with Richie for a couple of years now and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him as a tutor for anyone thinking of starting to play the drums, or for people who already play but are looking to add to their current knowledge. Richie’s lessons are always involved and rewarding. He is happy to work at my speed rather than rush ahead with something I haven’t quite understood and has always shown loads of patience in repeating things until I’m happy that I’ve ‘got it’. The new studio on the seafront is a huge improvement, offering a relaxed yet professional feel to our lessons. Drumming is something I do for my own pleasure, having lessons with Richie is helping me improve far more than I could without his help, ensuring I get even greater enjoyment out of playing!

  4. Ive been having lessons with Richie for about 6 months now. His approach is laid back and relaxed whilst keeping a good lesson to lesson pace. Richie is my 4th drum teacher and he’s the one ill be sticking with as he’s a lovely chap and a great teacher and finally, after years of practice with not much direction, i’m improving quickly. He is good at spotting problems, working with in your skill range, pushing you forward and not holding you back. Lessons are structured and each one leads nicely into the next. Although he is a skill full drummer and he really knows his stuff, he doesn’t make you feel that he is better than you which leads to a relaxed and trusting lesson. As im a gigging drummer, he teaches me things that are useful to my personal drumming style and bands and doesn’t get me doing stuff just to trip me up. Highly recommend!!

  5. I’ve started taking Drum lessons with Richie about a year ago. He is a really friendly person, extremely flexible and patient. He enormously helped me to get back into drumming thanks to his creative and personal approach of the Instrument. Accomplished and impressive Drummer himself, he managed with time, advises and a lot of support to push my skills forward. The studio itself is really well situated and totally equipped, which makes every lesson fruitful thanks to all the Resources supplied. Very open minded and receptive, his knowledge, culture and experience permits him to clarify any of the issues I come across. Through detailed and adapted exercise, he makes every groove, rudiments, solo attainable by putting them in different musicals contexts.. Truly attentive, I have always followed his opinions and suggestions when I had doubts regarding a career as a drummer. Today I have reached many of my personal aims thanks to him, he contributed a lot to those achievements. Talented teacher, and confirmed artist, I highly recommend Richie to anyone willing to learn or discover Drums in a wise and inventive way.

    Thanks a lot Man !


  6. Richie has been teaching my son for the past year – he’s now eleven years old (not Richie!!). The drums are his first taste of music and Richie has been brilliant at introducing him to the world of drumming. He is always really good at clearly explaining everything from the very beginning, and has endless patience and kindness. I couldn’t think of a better introduction to music than having Richie’s friendly, welcoming and talented teaching.

  7. Richie is a super talented drummer and a great teacher. I really enjoyed my lessons with him as he’s really professional but also fun and interesting to hang out with. He was very patient with me as I’d hardly ever played drums before, and I learned quickly following his instructions. Highly recommended!

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